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When I was a teen I started work in a laboratory, I was quite and new to the working world. So kept my head down and did everything to not screw up.
When I started there was a worker lets call him “Jon” that everyone tiptoed around, I couldn’t see why apart from being a bit unusual, until one day it came clear when two of my coworkers come into the room very flustered.

Co-worker: You can’t speak to the driver like that!

Jon: That idiot does it all the time.

Co-worker: He’s just doing his job!

Jon: (Shouting) Then he needs to do it properly! (Storms out slaming the door so hard the whole room shakes).

Me: What was that all about?

Co-worker: One of the guys dropped some parts off slightly out of the line marking. Jon shouted and swore at him.

Me: You are kidding me! (No sooner had I finished my sentence did Jon storm back in again slamming the door open.)

Jon: I don’t know what you two are talking about, but you need to pull it together. I’m sick of putting up with stuff like this!

Co-worker: Don’t take it out on me, you need to calm down.

Jon: (Getting right in his face) You want to take this outside?

Co-worker: Get out of my face, or I will make you regret it!

(The atmosphere is terrible, i can’t speak just shake my head as he yet again storms out. Things calm down after a few hours before my co-worker, blocks my path outside.)

Jon: I don’t like your attitude.

Me: What? I haven’t said two words to you.

Jon: You shook your head at me, i want an apology.

Me: What?! Fine i apologise for shaking my head. Get out of my way.

(I reported his attitude to my boss, as did my co-worker, a week later he was removed from the company. I’m still working there but it is a much better atmosphere all round.)

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