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Unfiltered | February 8, 2016

(I’m out with friends doing grocery shopping for a party that night. They’re headed to the liquor store for alcohol, but I don’t drink, so I just tell them I’ll wait at the car. I’m feeling pretty carsick, so I get out of the vehicle and sit on the bonnet, trying not to throw up and generally looking pretty green. It takes about fifteen minutes for my stomach to settle, by which time I realise that the others should really be done by now, and I’m just about to go check on them when they come out of the store, visibly irritated. One of them is laughing.)

Me: Hey guys, everything okay?

Her: Yeah, just the register chick is a f***ing idiot.

Me: *sensing entertainment* What happened?

Her: Okay, so I get the beer, and the stuff for the shots that (friend) wanted, when I noticed they’re doing a two for one sale on rum, and you know (name) was talking about doing something with rum on the weekend, so I call her to see if she wants to go halvsies. So I’m standing there on my phone while (name) hems and haws over the rum, and just as she decides no and hangs up this cashier chick comes over to me and says, “You know, you should tell your friend, that if you’re buying for an underager, they really shouldn’t wait outside the store.”

Me: *baffled* What?

Her: I know! I was like “What? We’re not buying for anyone,” and she was like, “I can see her outside waiting by your car. I’m just saying, if you’re buying for an underager, you shouldn’t make it so obvious.” She meant you.

(My jaw drops. We’re all legal, but I’m actually the oldest of the group, and definitely don’t look young for my age – in fact I’m usually mistaken for being five to ten years older.)

Me: You’re joking.

Her: Nope! We went back and forth for like ten minutes before I gave up.

Me: Oh my god! Now I wish I’d actually gone in to see what was taking so long so they could ID me! I’d have killed to see the look on her face! Wait, isn’t it illegal to sell if you think they’re buying for someone underage? They should have just come out and ID’d me.

Her: I know. Would have saved a lot of time, anyway!