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Unfiltered | February 6, 2016

*I work in the kitchen of a hospital and its located in the basement, BOTTOM of the hospital, and there’s a set of elevators that take you to the main hospital so it gets quite a lot of traffic* *I step out of the kitchen with a food tray and I see a housekeeper waiting for the elevator*

Me: *smiles* “Hello.”

Housekeeper: *smiles back* “Hello, how are you?”

Me: “Im good, how about you?” *elevator arrives*

*we both get in the elevator*

Housekeeper: *pushes their floor and looks at me* “Are you going up?”

Me: *stares for a second* *smiles awkwardly* “I would hope so. I don’t think I wanna know whats below the basement.”

Housekeeper: *realizes what just happened* *laughs* “Good point.”

*arrive at their floor and we say goodbyes*

*that happens more often than it should*