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Unfiltered | February 3, 2016

(I am a receptionist at a salon when this exchange with Google occurs. It is important to note two things: I handle the online accounts, and the business owner is not tech-savvy in the slightest.)

Me: Thank you for calling [salon], this is-

(An automated message cuts my greeting off, saying it needs to verify our listing. This is an exchange I’d already been through before, but figure it wouldn’t hurt to take the two minutes to verify the information again. I follow the prompts to talk to someone, then this happens:)

Tech: Hello, we need to verify the information for your listing. Are you the business owner?

Me: No but I handle the online accounts.

Tech: Is the business owner available?

Me: No, she’s with a client, but I can verify the information for you-

Tech: *click*

(The information that needed to be verified? The address and phone number of the business. Literally ANYBODY could have verified it.)