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Unfiltered | February 4, 2016

Note: I work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and possibly an extra six hours on Saturday to keep up with production.

(A few weeks back)

Higher-up Manager: Can you stay an extra hour today?

Me: Ye-

Higher-up Manager: (interrupting) I need you to work an extra hour every day for now on.

Me: Everyday?

Higher-up Manager: Everyday.

Side-note: So I worked 45 hours during the work-week and Saturday put me over to 51 hours. The overtime was great, but I was exhausted when it came to Sunday.

As I was getting close to the end of my nine hour shift, my direct manager (a different one) came up to me.

Direct Manager: We didn’t need you for overtime…

Me: But (Higher-up Manager’s Name) said she wanted me to work nine hours for now on.

Direct Manager: Oh, she probably just meant it for that time period.

For me, I took the words “for now on” to be everyday and wasn’t aware that she wanted me to go back to eight hours instead of nine in a shift. I left work that day feeling like an idiot because my whole team heard. I just wish there was more communication in that place.