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(After working at my location for over 3 years, I have been diagnosed with an anxiety condition. I try not to have any problems at work, but this particular night, management has not been able to control employees and due to how busy it was, I was unable to catch up on the things I need to do. I am finally triggered into a full panic attack after a customer makes fun of the way I talk. I text my best friend and my mom, who says she’ll come get me.)

Mom: *stands at the counter*

Manager: “Oh, Mrs. [Last Name], what can I get for you?”

Mom: *points to the back, where I am*

Me: *comes up from the back, shaking, visibly pale and having been crying*

Manager: “Oh my go- [My Name], go home. Go home. Don’t worry about anything over here. GO HOME.” *turns on headset* “[Coworker 1], go cover the hole!”

(I go home and calm down. The next day, the general manager is the manager on duty. I go to talk to her about what happened the previous day to see if everything is alright. When I get there, the general manager is yelling at Coworker 2.)

General Manager: “You should know better than to just up and leave early! You left us short-handed!”

Coworker 2: *sees me* “But she-” *points at me* “Left early yesterday!”

General Manager: *shakes her head* “[Coworker 2], [My Name] has a reputation of doing her work, unlike you. You need to grow up and stop blaming her for what you did. You left without a manager telling you that you could go.”

Coworker 2: *leaves*

Me: “Um, sorry about last night.”

General Manager: “Don’t worry about it. [Coworker 3] was coming in about an hour after you left, so he came in an hour early to cover you. We were fine until [Coworker 2] heard and decided to leave.”

(The entire shift, Coworker 2 glared at me while other coworkers told me how they handled with their own anxiety attacks.)

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