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Unfiltered | January 27, 2016

My husband and I make a reservation for two at a restaurant. It should be noted that the women in my family look younger than they are, but even so, I look like an adult and am wearing my wedding ring. My husband, 4 years older than me, shows his age.

Host: (Last Name)! We can seat you now.
He turned and motioned toward the server who was gathering menus for our table.

Server: Do we need any menus for anyone under 12?

I look at my husband as my jaw drops. No one should mistake me for a middle schooler at 5′ 4″ and adult curves… especially with a reservation for two. Without missing a beat, my husband speaks up.

Husband: What do I look like, a pedophile?

The server’s eyes went wide and he shrank as he gathered the adult menus.

Best part? We got great service that night, even if our server would no longer look us in the eyes. He did get a good tip.