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Unfiltered | January 26, 2016

My house was in a dead-end street. From my house down, there were six houses. Each time there was pouring rain, we would be loosing the phone line because water would seep into a junction box. I was the first house of the dead-end to have the problem.

I go to my “upward” neighbor (who never has this problem) to call the phone company.

20 minutes wait on line.

Phone Company: hi, may I help you?

Me: yeah, my phone line is out, like in every other pouring rain days. Then I give her my informations.

Phone Company: I’ll retreive your file and be right back.

20 more minutes later (darn, their computers are slow….)

Phone Company: Okay, I have a few questions: can you make a call?


Me: no. As soon as I pick up the phone, I get loud crackling noises.

PC: okay. Can you receive a call.

Me: I don’t know.

PC: What do you mean? I need a yes or no.

Me: Well, the phone hasn’t ring, so I can’t tell you if I can recieve a call.

PC: so it’s no?

Me: I don’t know. Maybe someone called me, but I wouldn’t know, the phone didn’t rang.

CP: Well, I need a yes or a no.

Me: well, put in NO it this case.

CP: Are you sure you can’t receive calls? You just told me you didn’t know. I need a real yea or no answer.

Me: okay. I’m calling from my neighbor’s house because my phone is not working. You want me to hang-up, then call my home, rush in to see if the phone is ringing, then call you back, wait for 20 minues, twice, to give you the correct answer? WRITE NO.

PC: Well, sir, if that information is incorrect, you might be charge for the service call.

Me: I’ll take the risk… If you look at my file, it’s the fourth time in a month that I called for the exact same problem, and I was never billed once. Any other question?

PC: No. Thank you. A team will be there within two days…

Yeah, that was one heck of great phone company.