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Unfiltered | January 24, 2016

(When I first started working for a popular fast food restaurant, the management made a point of telling me how long my hair was. Regularly. I figured it was just his way of telling me to cut it. For reference I am a male. As was my manager.)

Me: *Arriving for shift*

Manager: Hey [my name]. Man, look at your hair.

Me: *Rolls eyes while fixing the apron that was part of my uniform*

Manager: Hey, do you even like girls?

(At this point, the entire kitchen froze. All my coworkers were watching to see what was about to happen.)

Me: *Burning death glare at manager*

Manager: Woah, man! It was just a joke!

Me: *Shakes head and heads to take my position on the line*

*Some time later*

Manger: *Nudges me* Hey, [my name], you need to learn to take a joke man.

*After going home*

Me: *Tells mom what happened*

Mom: Should have asked him if he was interested.

(Just FYI, I have nothing against anyone who is attracted to the same gender, but I’ve had issues with being picked on and told that I was gay when I’m not.)