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Unfiltered | January 25, 2016

My roommate has received a notice from the DMV reminding him to renew his driver’s license. Since we have moved recently, he also needs to bring in additional documentation to prove the new address. We both pore over the letter carefully to make sure that he has acceptable documents. The next day, he goes to the DMV.

Roommate: I need to renew my license, and update my address.

Clerk: Okay, but we’re going to need something to verify the new address.

Roommate: Yeah, I brought this bank statement with the new address that I printed last night.

Clerk: We can’t accept a print-out.

Roommate: Really? I also brought the letter that the DMV sent to me. See this part here? Where it says “printed electronic documents are acceptable”?

Clerk: *snatches up his documents* Fine!

*The clerk was short with him for the rest of the transaction, but he was able to get his new license.*