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Unfiltered | January 23, 2016

(I share an office with my colleague, facing each other with a board between. He is constantly getting me to get up and walk around as he can’t be bothered asking a full question)

Colleague: What’s this mean?

Me: “This” is a term used to refer to the subject of a conversation.

(There is silence so I assume it’s not important, get on with other things and go to lunch. When I get back I find him struggling with something and peer around to help)

Me: Oh, that’s a really common error. Just go into this folder and run this bit as Administrator.

Colleague: Are you f***ing kidding me!? I asked about this two hours ago and you gave me some stupid answer!!

Me: *stifling a laugh* It was a stupid answer for a stupid question. You’ve been working on this for two hours?

(Note it’s a pretty basic problem – rudimentary diagnostics would show you a key component is missing)

Colleague: YES! *nonsensical swearing as he applies the fix and calls the customer back* FINALLY got a fix here, sorry ’bout that, take care *slams the phone down*

(He ignored me for weeks, it was the most productive I’d been all year)