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Unfiltered | January 20, 2016

I’m waiting at a cutting table of a local fabric store. It’s not a place that is particularly known for having great help. A lady is behind the table, fiddling with a scanner.

“Sorry, this’ll just take a minute. This one isn’t working right.”

She brings out a roll of packing tape and starts trying to tape the battery pack on. There is another scanner on the table, but I’m not in a hurry so I decide to just let her finish without saying anything.

After a few minutes, another worker sees that I still haven’t been helped and starts measuring out my fabric. Meanwhile, the first worker has picked up the phone, and I can hear her having what is obviously a personal conversation.

“What? No, I think he left it at your dad’s house. I’m pretty sure it’s there. No, no, we’ll just check your dad’s house first. I’m positive he left it over there. Well, if you can’t find it you can just get a new one, but I’m sure it’s there.”

This continues. Meanwhile, a line has formed behind me. The worker cutting my fabric is looking exasperated. Remembering something, the first worker ends her call and says, “I just remembered I left that lady on hold. I can’t believe it. I’m so forgetful!”

Her coworker laughs it off as she switches lines.

“Yeah, I just checked” (she didn’t) “we don’t have that much of that fabric in store. Sorry for the wait.”

She hangs up and grins at her coworker. “You know, we probably actually do have twenty yards. The bolt she wants is almost full, but do you know how long it would take to measure it all out?”

I’m guessing probably about as long as it would have taken to tape a scanner and have a personal conversation while a customer is left on hold, but what do I know?