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Unfiltered | January 15, 2016

(I am a disabled person who receives government assistance in the form of SSDI, which is controlled by my aunt due to my family thinking that I can’t control my money and an Independent Living Skills trainer. The way this works in California is that the government pays a Regional Center, which then pays the ILS agency. This story takes place during my second weekly ILS meeting with her.)

ILS Trainer: You need to change your payee to [Regional Center] because your family should not be your payee. They will treat you much better then.

(Note that the Regional Center has previously lied about what I said and denied me services based on that lie, as well as some of the employees I’ve dealt with having a history of fraud. I know that Social Security would rather have it go to friends or family anyway. In addition, the family problems have almost nothing to do with who controls my SSDI.)

Me: How about I change it to somebody I trust, like my boyfriend or a friend?
*Explains why I don’t trust [Regional Center]*

ILS Trainer: Social security would never allow that! They’re too young! Besides, [Regional Center] would never do something like that.

Me: Well, they did.

(This goes on for a while, with the ILS Trainer going on about how she knows what’s best for me, has dealt with this situation before, etc. It comes up that I’m worried about being kicked out of where I’m living.)

ILS Trainer: [Regional Center Employee (RCE)] would never allow that to happen!

Me: She actively encouraged it in the last meeting I had with her.

ILS Trainer: [Name Similar to RCE’s] wouldn’t. You’re mistaken. She’s on your side.

(This went on for a while, with her explaining that she’s helping me and on my side and everything with every sentence, as well as saying she doesn’t know me but consistently judging me. Note that I’m also out as FtM trans to her.)

ILS Trainer: Remember, I understand this situation and I’m on your side. I’m just curious, but do you identify as more male than female because you know that would annoy your family? Or is it because you actually feel that way?

Me: *launches into an explanation that no, I actually do feel that way, wondering what kind of person actually asks that kind of question*

(The entire one hour meeting was like that. I’m considering moving to another state so I no longer have to deal with this nonsense.)