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Unfiltered | January 5, 2016

(I need to buy a new speaker system because mine has just died. I have a disability which means I can hear but not speak, which makes some things rather difficult, so I order a set of speakers online for customer pick up. Normally the whole process from online order to pick up from his company takes about two hours. However, this time I get a form email that says my order has been declined for security reasons and to email them if there’s a mistake. The following occurs by email:)

Me: Hi, can you please tell me why more order was declined, and since you’ve taken the money from my account, when I can expect that back?

Them: We tried to call you and we couldn’t reach you to confirm your order. I processed a refund for you just now so you should have your money back within 24 hours, maybe. You’re welcome to buy in-store when that happens.

(At this point, I checked my phone and I had one missed call from a private number and no messages)

Me: That’s strange, I didn’t get any calls or messages from you at all. If you’re calling from a private number and don’t leave a message, I have no way at all to know you’re trying to contact me. Since I can’t talk to answer the phone anyway, does that mean I can’t order from you any more? Also, I prefer to order online because since I can’t talk, it’s very difficult to communicate with staff in store because it’s loud and busy and they’re not always able to take the time.

Them: We tried to call you several times and I called you personally and you didn’t answer! We deliver, so you don’t have to go to the store. And I canceled your order and processed a refund, so you should have your money back within 24 hours, but it actually depends on the bank.

Me: But… I told you I can’t talk, and I emailed you, and you chose to try to call again instead of just emailing back before you decided to cancel the order. You know what? I’m just going to buy from someone else.

(Goodness knows what speech-abled people do if they can’t take personal calls during business hours. But I did find better speakers elsewhere, although I had to pay more and wait for a courier to deliver them. Unfortunately, that meant I couldn’t do my daily therapy exercises, which involve me copying exercises from a DVD!)

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