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Unfiltered | January 2, 2016

(This is years ago now. My family went to an Italian restaurant for my 14th birthday. I was really excited to have an arrabiata dish, since I’d had it once on holiday and loved it, but never since then. Unfortunately, it was on an outdated menu but not their current one).

Me: I’ll just pick something else.

Dad: I could ask the waiter.

Me: No, it’s ok. It’s not on the menu, we can’t ask them.

(Waiter comes over and the rest of my family places their orders)

Dad: I don’t supposed you do any other items that aren’t on the menu? *explains*

Waiter: I could always try asking. (Waiter disappears into the kitchen. I’m feeling a little embarrassed at the idea of causing a fuss. The waiter comes back, and I fully expect him to say that no they can’t make it).

Waiter: Our head chef says he can make it and says it would be [standard price for pasta meal].

Me: Oh, thank you so much!

(I still felt bad that they had to go out of their way for me, but the meal was absolutely delicious! My dad gave them a big tip and we even met the head chef, who gave my brother – an aspiring chef – some advice. To this day, that is the best restaurant I’ve ever eaten at. No wonder business is still good there!)

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