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Unfiltered | December 30, 2015

( I work at an office and a couple of new hires were getting ready to tour the warehouse down the street. One of the new hires is asking for directions on how to get there. )

New Hire: So How do I get to the warehouse from here?

Me: Turn left when you pull out of the office, keep going until the road ends and turn left again. The warehouse should be right there on your right.

New Hire: So I turn left, then go left at the four way stop –

Me: No, turn left where the road ends, there is a four way stop between here and the end of the road but you need to go through it.

New Hire: wait…so when do I turn left after I leave the building?

Me: at the end of the road.

New Hire: How far is that?

Me: I don’t know, a couple blocks?

New Hire: but how do I know I’ll be turning left at the right street if I’m going through the four way stop?

Me: you will know when you can’t drive any further…you will only be able to go left or right…just go left.

( The New Hire is still confused so I get another co-worker to explain)

Co-worker: Look, just go left out of the building and take a left on Bradey Street.

New Hire: where is Bradey Street?

Co-worker: At the end of the road

New Hire: is that the four way stop?

Co-worker: no, that’s Juno Street, you need to turn left on Bradey Street. That’s past the four way stop.

New Hire: …are you sure?

Both of us : YES!!

New HIre:…I think I’ll just follow someone else there…

( she ended up car pooling with another new hire and made it there, thank goodness!)