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Unfiltered | December 29, 2015

(It’s Friday. I’ve been working very long hours for the past two weeks and was in till 330am the night before. I have become determined not to let the long hours get me down. As we get to the end of the day, my office mate starts packing things up)

Office mate: So, how long d’you think you’ll be here today?

Me: I dunno, I’ve still got a lot to do. I think I’ll be out earlier than I was last night though.

Office mate: … You mean before 330am?

Me: Yeah. So that’s pretty good. That’s my aim, in fact.

Office mate: That is the most clutching at straws thing I have ever heard anyone say.

Me: Hey, I take what I can get!

(I was out at half midnight … and back in at 10am on the Saturday morning. Could have been worse)

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