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Unfiltered | December 28, 2015

*I am going through line at a popular retail chain, the cashier has had to repeat things for the woman in front of me several times. The other woman leaves and I move forward.*

Cashier: (heaving a big sigh) I am so glad you speak English. I’m so tired of repeating everything and not being understood. You know I get that it’s hard to learn a new language and all but it sure makes my job more difficult. (she goes on like this for a bit longer before I have a chance to say anything)

Me: (With my best apologetic look) No hablo Ingles.

Cashier: (with a shocked and exasperated expression) Seriously?

Me: (finally smiling) No.

(In reality English is the only language I know fluently and I’m pretty sure I used the wrong phrasing but it still scared her a bit)

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