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Unfiltered | December 26, 2015

(I am a security supervisor at an office facility that requires badge access. On weekends, officers do patrol routes through multiple secure areas that require additional badge access. I notice an issue with a route record.)

Me: Hey, [Officer], what happened with Saturday’s route? The electronic record shows it wasn’t done.

Officer: Oh, yeah. I didn’t get that one downloaded. But I still did a route – I just walked through, rather than scanning points.

Me: Oh, okay. Let me check your history, then.

Officer: Yeah, well…I didn’t have my badge Saturday.

Me: And you didn’t think to call me?

Officer: Nah. If it was a weekday, and I had more to do…but the weekend stuff isn’t that important.

(Yeah. He said that to his boss. Guess who’s getting a write-up…)

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