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Unfiltered | December 23, 2015

(I am a 19-year-old college student going home for the summer, and I’m getting ready for a long, 3-plane trip. I have been waiting a minute for my backpack to go through screening, when I realize the agent is staring at something on the monitor, looking pale. He calls another agent over, and they both stare worriedly at the monitor, talking in hushed voices. They end up calling their supervisor over.)

Supervisor: *takes my backpack from the machine and brings it to a table near me, looking at me seriously.* “Is this yours?”

Me: “Yes?”

Supervisor: “Is there anything dangerous or illegal in here?”

Me: “…There shouldn’t be?” *I know my backpack hasn’t been out of my sight, but her tone and expression are making me nervous.*

(The supervisor slowly grabbed my backpack’s zippers…slowly unzipped them…slowly looked inside…to see three flat, rectangular 10-packs of mini chocolate bars I had packed for the trip. She then turned and gave the two agents the most hilarious look of exasperation I have ever seen.)

Supervisor: “You’re good.”

Me: *Half-confused, half-laughing* “Was…was that my candy?”

Supervisor: *shakes her head, sighs, and gives me back my backpack*

(I noticed someone undercover in plain clothes follow me to my gate and watch me take a seat before leaving, I guess to make sure I wasn’t planning any evil with my chocolate bars!)