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Unfiltered | December 22, 2015

(Since I’ve gone to college, and my sister’s not far behind, my mom and her girlfriend are looking to move into a smaller house. Home for the break, I’ve gone with them to tour the two houses they really like. We’re at the first house.)

Mom: The carpet in here would have to go, but I think the sofa would fit right here. What do you think?

Me: All the electrical outlets look burnt.

Realtor: Oh, it’s got all new electrical! Everything’s been replaced!

Me: But look at the outlet covers: all of them have melted spots, and there’s smoke stains on the wall right above it.

Realtor: That won’t be a problem anymore with the new wiring, don’t you worry!

Me: They’d spend a couple hundred bucks replacing what we can’t see, and didn’t spend five more dollars to replace the covers? I don’t trust that.

(The Realtor kept babbling about the new electrical, I pointed out every single damaged outlet in the house (almost all of them), and it was the second house that we ended up buying.)

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