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Unfiltered | December 21, 2015

I wanted to replace my old drawing tablet so I ordered one off Staples who said they’d deliver it in 3-10 business days. Great! I order it in-store at one of their little kiosks there with the help of a nice employee (previously at a different location I was completely ignored by two separate employees to see if they have it in-store so I was glad to have someone actually do their job). So I order it and request that it is sent to the nearer location so I can pick it up there. I wait the ten days and no show, I even called two times after the eight day mark just to check if it arrived, (they said they would call me when it came in) as I’ve found in the past you often have to do people’s job for them. At the eleventh day I have my father call the location.

Dad: Hi I’m called to inquire about a product that were still waiting for. *Provides shipping number*

Employee: It looks here that it has been shipped, sir.

Dad: Okay thank you. *Hangs up*

By this time on a previous call the woman on the other end informed me I could make a Staples account to see the progress of my package, so I logged back in to check and what do you know it doesn’t show that it has been shipped! I thought it was maybe a delay in the system so I waited a few more days. It’s now week two and a half since ordering and well past the ten day promise. I call corporate via the 1 800 number on the back of my receipt and talk to a nice woman who tells me the package should have arrived a week ago. (No kidding.) She tells me she will move the situation to urgent and will get back to me in the next 48 hours.

Woman: Oh my, it should have been delivered a while ago, I will move this to urgent and have my superiors find out what is going on, is the number listed *reads off number* is this number still good?

Me: Yes that’s my mothers number, the person who the name for the package is under.

Woman: Okay expect a call in the next 48 hours.

48 hours pass and no call.

They call my mother a day later who had the contact number while she was at work and the woman on the other end transfers her to someone who asks what the problem is. My mom then explains the situation while making sure to note that they called her, and they say they will be in contact with us about the package in the next day.

Again, no call.

I ordered this in mid-late October and it is now past Black Friday.

A whole day later I get a call that informs me that my package will arrive to the Wacom (not Staples) warehouse in January.

I called back corporate and cancelled my order, then asked where I could post a formal complaint, she told me there was a comments section on the site however I never found it.

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