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Unfiltered | December 16, 2015

(It’s around 9pm. My parents, my brother, my grandmother, and I have stopped at a McDonald’s on our way back from Fort Wayne, where my grandfather is in ICU. We’re exhausted and just wanting to order dinner and go home. We walk in, and two employees are standing at the counter. One is cleaning trays, the other is rushing around looking busy but not actually doing anything. The girl who’s washing trays looks up, makes eye contact with me, and immediately looks back down at the trays, obviously ignoring me.)

Me: “Guess no one here’s actually working tonight.”

Dad: “Well, we could-”

Mom: “You know, there are other places to eat.”

Brother: “No wonder this place is empty.”

Grandmother: “Let’s just go-”

She is interrupted by the cashier, who appears to be a manager–the girl washing trays has conveniently disappeared.

Cashier: *rudely and snappy* “Can I help you?”

We all place our orders, the cashier looking extremely unhappy to even have to talk to us and is drumming her fingers on the counter.

Cashier: “Is that it?”

Grandmother: “Yes, I-”

Cashier: *snaps* “[total].”

We all look at each other and roll our eyes, commenting about how rude she was. The cashier throws together our order, slams the drink cups on the counter, not the tray, and turns her back and starts fussing with something else without so much as a thank you or have a good night.

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