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(I have a full time job during the week, but work some per need evening shifts at a hospital as an x-ray tech. When an ultrasound study of blood vessels is needed, it has to be done by Non-Invasive Vascular Ultrasound, a department separate from us and not under our control. This happened one evening.)

(Phone rings, I see it’s from one of the floor units)

Me: “Hi, xray.

Nurse:”We just ordered a carotid doppler on room five, please call your tech in”

Me:”Oh, no, carotid doppler is done by NIVU, you have to call the house supervisor and they call them”.

Nurse:”Oh, OK”. Hangs up.

Phone rings later

Me:”HI, xray”

Nurse:”Look, we need this doppler done right away, just call your ultrasound tech and tell them to come do it”

I repeat what I said to them before, they hang up.

I called the US tech on call and double check with her. She confirms, they don’t do the study and it has to be done by NIVU.

The same floor calls again. I start to explain again, they interrupt…


Since the truth hasn’t worked, and I feel like I’m being called a liar, I say this;

Me:”Look, our ultrasound doesn’t have the right software or transducers for a doppler study, the NIVU department does, THAT’S why you have to call them, so call the house supervisor, she has the number for the on-call NIVU tech”.

Nurse:”Oh, all right!”

They didn’t call back about it again. The house nursing supervisor came down later asking about the incident. She said she had talked to the people in that unit and had EXPLAINED to them who to call with doppler ultrasound studies in the future.

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