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(So, after a day where almost all the backline morning shift called out, the entire front line night shift calls out. This conversation is a heavily edited version.)

Me: *hearing the name of an unpopular manager* Wait, (Unpopular Manager) was here?

Manager 1: *having just finished her 11 hour shift* Yes. That m*****f*****, who says he can’t work because he can’t talk came in to chat.

Me: I thought he had dental surgery and couldn’t work? What the f***?

Manager 2: What did (Other Manager) say?

Manager 1: That he came in to rub it in that he doesn’t have to work.

Me: So he came in, found out we have NO ONE for tonight and (Manager 1) and I were working double shifts and he didn’t put his uniform on and help out?

Manager 2: Of course not.

Manager 1: It was like a slap in the face. It’s bad enough he gets paid more and works less than me, but then he comes in here to show off? I said ‘I’m working eleven hours’ and he said ‘that sucks’.

Me: That m*****f*****! You’re pregnant! You shouldn’t be working such long hours and that lazy b****** can’t be bothered to help out a few hours?

Manager 1: At this point, I think we’d laugh if he got hit by a car.

(Basically: A young woman 5 months pregnant and I, while having cramps, stayed to cover for everyone who called out. Another manager came in to visit the customers and due to having a doctor’s note saying he couldn’t work, decided not to help out. This man is lazy even when he is at work, but considering he lied about his surgery in the first place, we aren’t sympathetic. We stood around discussing how much we hated this man for ten more minutes. And if you’re curious about the unedited version, add f*** every few words.)

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