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(I work quality at a cup factory. It is the shift before the holiday, meaning the plant will be closed and as such all the machines must be turned off so the cleaning crew can clean while we are closed. For quality this means after the machines shut down the lead operators bring a sample taken from the last case produced to be tested to verify all was good at the shut down. While this has been going on for YEARS, they always seem to have a problem somewhere, such as this instance. Shut down is typically 6am.)

Me: *looking at the clock* Ok, They should be bringing up the last cups to test soon! And we should be good to go, and on time for our meeting!

Quality-Coworker: Alright I’ll go work on cleaning while we wait! *leaves*

Operator #1: *brings up Co-workers sample* Here you go! Last case numbers are on the bottom!

Me: Thanks! *Thinking, awesome I can get her’s started and mine should be here any minute…*

Me: …. *waiting, watching as ten minutes go by*

Coworker: *comes back* Oh good, I can work on this part of the test. Is this both of ours?

Me: no…. still waiting on mine…

Coworker: Um… it’s ten after… we have to turn out paper work in….

Me: Yeah… Well I’ll mark in down that he was late but I’m sure he’ll bring them by, you know how he can be!

Coworker: Yeah, it’s not like he could forget to bring them!

Me: *getting nervous as ten minutes turns to twenty* well… we gotta head to the meeting*

(We go, but I leave a few minutes in to finish my co-workers test while we wait for the rest of the team to get to the meeting. As I am emptying cups I hear something behind me and turn to see a machine operator standing there with my cups. I look at the time, 6:40, 20 minutes before we leave, and far to short a time to do the test required)

Me: What the hell!? Throw those away! I needed those a half hour ago at least! I can’t do anything with them now!

Operator #2: *looking shocked and confused* Well.. what? throw them away?

Me: Yes! I can’t test them now, it’s to late!

Operator #2: Well… ok…. *heads away with them.*

(I run into him by the dumpster a moment later)

Operator #2: *smiling and laughing oddly as if he thinks I am joking* Well, I’m gonna toss ‘um!

Me: *glaring at him with all my power* Yes, throw them away. It is to late to deal with that! *glances at the cups thinking I can just get the numbers* AND they don’t have case numbers?!

(I left then before I said something I’d regret…. and they wonder why we are always on their butts about things!)

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