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Unfiltered | December 10, 2015

I work as a swim teacher for children, and are teamed up with a close friend. In this group of children there are some who are incredebly difficult and will constantly ignore you, rally the others and generally get on all of our nerves. One lesson is 45 minutes.

Friend: “Okej everyone! Get out of the water and group up over there!”

We get up and do the quitting routine. The children go to find their parents.

Good child: “But don’t we have the lesson to ten to six?”

Friend: “No, until 20 to six.”

I suddenly become unsure and go look at the schedule.

Me: *whispers to my friend* “They’re right, we sent them away ten minutes too early! What do we do?!”

Friend: *looking at the children who are spread out around the pools* “S***! Well, we’re only human. I’ll go talk to the parents.”

Me: “I could have sworn we had them for hours! I could not have taken one more minute of that brat.”

That job is such a good motivation for birth control!

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