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I am the front desk manager at a hotel and I have recently hired a new employee to work the front desk. He has only worked two 3 hour training shifts so far but it is already obvious that he is not going to work out. While he seems to be learning our reservation system easily, the guy has zero customer service skills and is incapable of following even the simplest of directions. he needs to be guided by the hand like a child in everything he does, no matter how many times he has done it. I’ve already told my boss that if I don’t see any improvement at his next shift I am going to let him go and start holding new interviews. This is the afternoon after his second shift. I stop in at a fast food restaurant to get my kids and I supper when I hear a commotion at the front. A group of young guys are making a scene and harassing the cashier. The ring leader of the group happens to be my new employee, still in his uniform and name tag. I will refer to him as NE.

NE: Look f****t, you may not realize how things work in the real world but the customer is ALWAYS RIGHT! I told you I want a (burger from competitor) and I don’t care if it’s not on your menu. You will figure out how to make one and you will sell me one!

Employee: I’m sorry but I can only punch in what is on the key pad, like I told you the closest thing we have is (signature burger) which has similar topping but we don’t carry the sauce they use. You could…

NE: NO! We’ve been through this, you’re not going to make me look like an idiot in front of my friends! I know I’ve ordered this before, I’m not stupid I know you can so just shut up and do your job or get me someone else who can!

Employee: Well…ok, let me get my manager and maybe…

NE: Holy f**k! Really?! Just punch the f***ing order in and make my burger happen! Do you have any idea who I am? Do you know where I work or what kind of pull I have? If you bring your manager out here I guarantee that you will not have a job by the time we finish talking. I know customer service! I know what it means to please your customer and do your job properly. I will NOT be made to look like a fool! Now punch in the burger that I ordered, not (specialty burger), not any other burger with alterations. The (competitors burger) I know you have a button for it and I expect to be heavily discounted for all this trouble! God…you young people today. I would NEVER hire someone like you at MY company.
At this point the guys friends are starting to back off, noticing the growing audience of supper time customers who are watching the scene unfold. I get the impression they also realize how stupid their friend sounds.

Employee: (now with tears running down his face) Sir, I’m…I’m sorry but you’re asking me to do something that is impossible t do. I’ve worked here for 3 years, we don’t have a button for…

NE: STOP! Get the f***ing manager now! You just lost your job buddy, you have no idea what kind of pull I have.
At this point I’ve had enough, both because he’s holding up the line making me wait and also because I can’t believe I almost let someone with this kind of attitude serve my customers and work with my staff. The manager, who has been stuck in drive through this whole time finally has enough and comes over to deal with the situation but I can’t help myself and step in.

Me: Hey, (NE), so uh, what kind of pull do you have exactly? What kind of authority does 6 hours of receptionist training give you in the “real world”?

He turns and looks at me as though he is going to say something when a look of recognition flashes on his face and he immediately goes pale.

NE: Oh, uh, hey (my name) I was um…trying to teach this guy about customer service just like you taught me. You made me understand how important it is and…uh…I’m trying to help him, you know? I really love my job and all, and I really NEED my job so uh, hehe, yeah.

Me: Look I don’t care what resolution the manager gives you here tonight, but you can drop off your uniform and name tag at my office tomorrow morning. I’m not going to have somebody with an attitude like yours serving MY customers. Now please, do us all a favor and go to (competitor) to get your burger like any normal person would do and let the rest of us get our food so we can get on with our lives and pretend that you don’t exist.

NE: Wait, why do I have to drop off my uniform? do you guys, like, wash it for us?

Everybody laughs, his group of friends groan and start to leave.

Me: Really? Dude, you’re fired. When you go out in public with our uniform on, you are representing our company and I will not have you making us look bad. Please go home and take those clothes, drop them off tomorrow and don’t ever speak to me or come near our building again.

NE stands there quietly as he begins to realize what has just gone down and then starts to cry. He’s yelling “oh man, oh man I can’t believe this! No!”

Many people start to clap and even laugh as the manager and another large, male employee come around to escort him out. The police are pulling up outside too, as it would seem that somebody called them. I ended up getting the employee discount on my order and I made sure to leave a nice tip for the young man that was getting yelled at by NE. I don’t think the guy was arrested but he was crying in the parking lot when I left, telling the police that he was going to kill himself. He did drop off his uniform and tried to ask for a second chance which, needless to say, he didn’t get. I can’t pass by a (fast food place) now without thinking about their button for a (competitors) burger!

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