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Unfiltered | December 2, 2015

(On the weekends, I pick up breakfast at a popular Canadian coffee shop for my boyfriend and I. I drive a bit further than the one closest to our house, because the service and food is generally better. I am at the drive through speaker when..)

Me: can I please get an everything bagel, toasted with butter, a breakfast wrap with sausage, a medium Ice Cap, and a medium dark roast with two cream and two sweetener?

Cashier: okay, everything bagel, breakfast wrap, ice cap, and medium coffee with a cream and three sweetener? (I watch on the screen as she rings everything up correctly except the coffee)

Me: no, the coffee is two cream and two sweetener please

Cashier: yes, three sweetener

Me: …no, TWO sweetener.

Cashier: three?

Me: (kind of laughing because I don’t know how else to explain it) no, TWO. Like, one, two? Just two, please.

(The speaker suddenly goes off and then comes back on after the screen updates to show she has it right, and the cashier sounding SUPER mad)

Cashier: okay, is that right on the screen?

Me: yes, sorry, I hope I didn’t sound rude, I just didn’t know how to explain it.

Cashier: do you want any breakfast?

Me: …sorry?

Cashier: food. Do you want breakfast?

(At this point I realize she’s stalling as two other cars in the next lane pull ahead of me.)

Me: no, I’ve already ordered it, thank you.

Cashier: is your screen correct?

Me: yes, thanks.

Cashier: ok so that’s (repeats entire order slowly) please pull ahead.

(Three vehicles are ahead of me from the second lane, so I’m a bit miffed as I was trying very hard not to be “that customer” when she kept mistaking my order. when I finally get to the window, not one of the employees speak to me except to ask for my card. She shoves the bag through the window and nearly spills the coffee.)

Me: (as she’s returning my card) thanks, I know it can be hard to hear over the speakers and I hope you don’t mind me trying to clarify my order. Have a nice day.

(I drive away and discover when I get home, there is no butter on the bagel, bacon instead of sausage on the wrap, and my coffee seems to be made of entirely sugar. Guess I need to find a new breakfast place for the weekends!)