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Unfiltered | November 18, 2015

(I was on vacation with my parents and my grandparents for the holiday’s one year. To get the rooms cheaper, my parents had to go to a Time Share Presentation. My parents are both in their early 40’s and my mom started losing the color in her hair earlier in adulthood because of genetics. My mother usually dyes her hair back to it’s original color (brownish black) so her she looks younger. That morning how ever, she had to get up early for the presentation and didn’t have time to do so. After the presentation, while I was out with my brother and grandparents, my parents caught up to us. My mom was obviously furious.)

Mom: The sales man called me old!

(She explained that he was very young and he told them he was the guy that usually just giving the presentation, not the salesperson, which he was today.)

Mom: He kept saying how we were almost his dads age! (His father was in his late 50’s.) And how the time share would be good because we’ll be retiring soon!! He also said it’d be good for the grandchildren!! (I’m the eldest child and am no where near old enough to enjoy having kids.)

Dad: Once we got back to the hotel she wouldn’t let us leave until she colored her hair and put on makeup.

(My mom is still mad about what the sales guy said.)

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