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Unfiltered | November 4, 2015

My father is the CEO of a high-end food store chain. He is known to fly around the country working as a bagboy in certain stores. Today he is at a store near headquarters while my mom and I are shopping.

Customer: Nonono! You are doing it all wrong! You do not bag like that!

My Father: I’m sorry?

Customer: You idiot, you do are a horrible bagboy. You nearly broke the eggs I just bought. I ought to have you fired! I am the assisstant manager *while showing his badge* at (store several miles away) and I am going to complain to your manager.

My Father: Look bu…

Customer: At my store, my employee’s all work their hardest and if they do one thing wrong, they get their paycheck cut in half. You idiots should consider that!

My Father: Is that so? I should report you.

Customer: Yes, idiot. What are you going to do? Complain to the corporate scumbags? They won’t care what you say. I am better than you and all bagboy’s at your store.

My Father: Well, I can proudly say that the corporate office does in fact care about little guys like bagboys. Want to know how I know? *shows the manager at other store his badge; which clearly states “CEO”*

Customer: Uh, sir, uh. I was… uh.. just kidding.

My Father: Oh really? No, don’t think so. Go to (other store) and tell (Manager) you just got fired by a “coporate scumbag.”

Me: Way to go, dad!

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