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(I work with two other employees on the Thursday shift. Every week, the same woman comes in and gets a coffee. She does this so much, she know her name and what she’ll order before she reaches the counter. One week, she doesn’t come in.)

Me: Hey, [Employee #1], where’s [Name]? She’s usually here by now.

Employee #1: Didn’t you hear? Her husband’s been arrested.

Me: (shocked) What for?

Employee #1: Beating her up and throwing a kettle of boiling water at her.

Me: What?!

Employee #1: Apparently, a neighbour called the police after hearing it. She’s in hospital, but she’s OK.

(As we say this, Employee #2 comes in.)

Employee #2: What’s happened?

(I explain as Employee #2’s eyes widen.)

Employee #2: Oh. I wondered why she had a black eye.

Me: (confused) What?

Employee #2: She came in last week with a black eye and she said her husband did it.

Employee #1: Why didn’t you tell anyone?!

Employee #2 (taken aback): They’re (religion)! I was scared of looking racist!

(Thankfully, my friend is fine.)

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