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(The manager at my work rarely shows up, and when he does he’s only in for a few hours at a time. He recently hired a new guy, let’s call him Robert, whose mother works at our store and got him the job. Things aren’t looking good when Robert leaves his first full shift four hours early, saying that he didn’t know it was a full shift even though it was clearly printed on the schedule. On the next shift he then walked into my manager’s office as soon as his shift started.)

Robert: Excuse me, if it’s not busy today, can I leave early?

Manager: Sure thing, just be sure to check in with your supervisor and ask for permission first.

Robert: Sure thing!

(Four hours later Robert mysteriously goes missing and we have no idea where he’s gone. He comes in for his shift the next day and says the manager gave him permission to leave early. Because the manager rarely comes in and never deals with issues like this over the phone, we can’t do anything about it. In fact, he proceeds to continue to do this, since my supervisor would often show up after Robert had ‘asked permission’ and the manager had left. I work with him for the rest of the summer and have a miserable experience, with him absent for half of his shifts. The next summer I return and notice neither him nor his mother are there.)

Me: So what happened to Robert, I also noticed his mother isn’t here anymore?

Coworker: Oh… him. He called in one night and asked me to cover a shift for him since he was sick, forcing me to work a double.

Me: That’s not that great, but honestly I didn’t think the manager would fire someone for just that.

Coworker: Oh no, it gets worse. He pulled the same stunt a week later, forcing me to work two doubles, and then I saw he had posted on Facebook that he was partying on both those nights. I showed the manager and he fired him the next day.

Me: Wow, so what happened to his mother?

Coworker: When she showed up to work this season she was told that her son had cost her the job!

Me: So not only did he get himself fired…. he got his own mother fired!? Wow, that’s serious idiocy.

Coworker: No kidding.

(Turned out Robert sued the store for wrongful dismissal and somehow walked away with a pitiful $1000. I also hear he pulled the same stunt at the next place he worked and was fired for the same reasons.)