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Unfiltered | October 29, 2015

Boss: Could you make a Pinterest board dedicated to (product)? I want to do a promotion on them soon.

Me: We actually already have a (product) Pinterest board, I made it quite a while ago, but I can add loads more pins to it and move it to the top of the page so it’s more prominent.

Boss: No, just do a totally new one.

Me: Uh, OK, I’ll delete the old one and start completely afresh.

Boss: No, keep the old one, but make a new one as well.

Me: …So, we’ll have two Pinterest boards about the same thing?

Boss: Yeah, but you can make the new one a bit different, like ‘Revisiting (Product)’.

(Boss goes on to specify what sort of photos should go on the new Pinterest board, sometimes mentioning exact images)

Me: A lot of those exact photos are already on the old board. It might look a bit strange if we have two boards with not only the same theme, but a lot of the same photos.

Boss: Just make a new board, but don’t delete the old one.

(Long story short, we ended up with two Pinterest boards about EXACTLY the same product, with quite a few of EXACTLY the same images on them, try as I might to make them as different as possible).