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Unfiltered | October 17, 2015

(I’ve been on the bone marrow donors list for three years, and I’m pretty proud of it. Unfortunately, I get health problems. When I come back from the hospital, I send an email to the bone marrow agency, explaining exactly what happened to me and asking them if I can still be on the list. A few days later, I get a letter.)

Letter: “Dear [my name],

We are sorry to learn about what happened to you. Unfortunately, given your medical history we cannot keep you on the donor list. We thank you profusely for having been a “life watcher” for so long.”

(I feel very disappointed as being on the list was important to me. However, I try to remain optimistic and I tell my friends about becoming donors, hoping they can save a life one day. Some time later, I get another letter from the bone marrow agency.)

Letter: “Dear [my name],

There are many people in the world waiting to receive a bone marrow transplantation. Why don’t you become a donor?”

(The letter explains many things I ALREADY know, saying the transplant is harmless to the donor and anybody can save a life. I feel like crying as I REALLY wish I could get rid to my medical history and become a potential donor again. To the person who sent me that letter, I really admire the way the bone marrow agency help people and save lives but you really did hurt me on that day.)