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Unfiltered | October 16, 2015

I’m working at a big company where one drinks machine is used by several offices. Note that this machine serves both hot and cold drinks including water, but takes its own sweet time brewing hot drinks. Note also that the nearest cold water taps are in the toilets several floors down. While I’m getting drinks for my office a coworker comes rushing out of another office.

Coworker: I need to get some water, quick! [Other Coworker] has just burned his hand!

Me: I wish I’d known that a second ago. I just pushed the button for coffee.

Coworker: Well, stop it and push the button for water!

Me: I can’t stop it. It’s already brewing. I can’t get any cold water out of it until it’s poured the coffee.

Coworker: Why are you being so unhelpful?!

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