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Unfiltered | October 8, 2015

(My husband recently went to the hospital. Among others, the kidney doctor wanted a follow-up visit. However, he’s considered out-of-network at his home office, but not at the hospital. After two weeks going back and forth, we hit this road block.)

Husband: Look, the doctor said you’d have this straight by now.

Receptionist: The doctor isn’t in right now. We’re handling this, but the insurance has to-

Husband: Stop. This is the third time you’ve told me that the insurance has to do something, then I do, then the insurance again. I already talked to them, YOUR office needs to put in the starting requst, not them, not me!

Receptionist: Technically, yes.

Me: (in background) What does she mean, “technically”?

Husband: Please explain.

Receptionist: Since we’re a second-tier partner, we don’t normally even talk to (Insurance company). We’re honestly doing you a favor even considering it!

Husband: So, tell me, have you “done me a favor” and even made the request yet?

Receptionist: No.

Husband: Then do me an ACTUAL favor and just cancel it all.

(He hung up, we called our insurance, and had an in-network doctor get us an appointment for the next day!)

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