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Annapolis, MD | Unfiltered | October 1, 2015

My mom has been on hold with our cable company, trying to figure out why they have started charging her over 30% more. Apparently we’ve been paying for HD and premium channels, which we never asked for or used. She has been put on hold again when this happens…

Mom: (on hold) Why are they charging me for stuff I don’t want!

Woman on Other Line: *picks up* Hello?

Mom: Hello.

Woman: I’m trying to find out why my Hallmark Channel isn’t working?

Mom: Um, I’m actually a customer too…

Woman: What? How did that happen?

Mom: I don’t know, I’m trying to get my bill reduced and they put me on hold again.

Woman: *laughs*

So, my mom ended up having some laughs with another random customer about how weird and screwed up cable companies are. And we’re still trying to get our bill reduced…

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