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(My brother likes hotdogs. So I go and pick out a package for him. I don’t like them, but he does. I see one with cheese inside, and since he dislikes cheese, I pick the other instead. I stick them in the freezer at home. A few days later I see him looking sick.)

Me: “Hey you hungry? I got some hotdogs for you.”

Brother: “Yeah…thaaaaanks.”

Me: “What’s wrong? You don’t like them anymore? You’re always changing your mind!”

Brother: “…Did you actually look at them?”

Me: “Yeah, they’re plain hotdogs!”

Brother: “Look again.”

(So I look and to my horror, they’re the ones with cheese inside!)

Me: “I got the plain ones! What the?!?!”

Brother: “Yeah right.”

(I swear that I did, and the only thing I can figure was the cashier must’ve switched them for some reason. Brother doesn’t believe me, and swears off hotdogs after seeing them. The cheese did look like disgusting zits filled with pus coming out! They went into the trash.)

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