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Illinois, USA | Unfiltered | May 8, 2017

(It’s Thanksgiving and I am going to be staying with my boyfriend and his family for the weekend following, meeting them for the first time. I am discussing how the weekend will go with my parents over lunch.)

Mom: “So where will you and (boyfriend) be sleeping?”

Me: “Uhh…probably in his room. Why?”

Mom: “Not everyone is so accepting. His mom is seven years older than I am!”

Dad: “Five bucks on guest room.”

Mom: “Ten says couch.”

Me: “You guys know I’m not the first girl he’s taken home.”

(Flash forward to Friday night, we get in late to the parents’ house and are settling in so I text my parents to settle the bet.)

Me: *text to mom* “We’re sleeping in (boyfriend)’s room. Told you!”

(My mom replied with a tongue out emoji.)

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