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(I’m around fourteen. My dad and I got in a discussion about where alcohol is from.)

Dad: “Where is wine from?”

Me: “France. I think.”

Dad: “Oh. I thought it was from Italy.”

Me: “I think it came from Italy too. Where did tequila come from?”

Dad: “Mexico. What do the Swiss drink? You know that stuff in those big mugs.”

Me: “I think alcohol.”

Dad: “How about whiskey?”

Me: “Ireland. Ireland Whiskey.”

Dad: “Pirates drink rum, is it brown?”

Me: “I’m not sure. I’ll look it up on the internet.”

(I go to my room to look it up. I look it up and come back with more information. I show my dad what I found.)

Me: “It says here that it’s a distilled alcoholic beverage, made out of sugarcane and molasses.”

Dad: “So it’s brown because of the molasses.”

Me: “Oh look, there’s dark, spiced, and light rum.” *I show my dad the picture.*

Dad: “Oh wow.”

Me: “Yeah.”

(I can’t really how the conversation went down, but I think that’s the most of it.)

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