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(As background, my stepmom is incredibly into decorating for the holidays. As a result we have a large amount of ornaments. It’s important to know that her grandma is also exceedingly into Christmas and decorating and also has a large assortment of ornaments. My stepmom is relocating ornaments for the moment so my dad can access the tv)

Dad: The tree is going to fall over from the weight.

Me: He has a point.

Stepmom: Shut up!

(There’s a pause as she’s moving ornaments)

Stepmom: Grandma has more ornaments than I do.

Dad: She’s also had more time and money to collect them than we do.

Stepmom: So. She has more. You can’t get on me for my amount of ornaments if you aren’t going to get on her.

Me, bursting into laughter: Yea. Okay dad. Go ahead and get on Grandma for the amount of ornaments she has.

Dad: You’re stepmom has an odd sense of fair play.

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