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Unfiltered | April 29, 2017

(me, my sister, my boyfriend and a few friends were hanging out . My sister and my boyfriend are lying on her bed, I’m sitting with my big brother and my friends are on the floor watching . My sister shows us a picture of a strawberry that looks like a bear)

My bf: Oh, look its a strawberry

Sister: Its a bear

Bf: Um… *sisters name* where are you looking??? Its a strawberry

Me: That looks like a bear

Bf: Its a strawberry, where’s the bear?

Sister: *points to head * that’s its head *points to rest of body, describing it*

Bf: Still don’t see it

Big brother: I see it

Friends: I see it

Me: I see it

Bf: *stands up and yells at phone* WHERE THE H*LL IS THE BEAR?!?! ITS A FR**KING STRAWBERRY

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