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Unfiltered | April 5, 2017

(This was around the time when my mom and stepfamily, (including two new stepbrothers and a stepsister) were first moving into our house and we didn’t know where to find anything. My stepbrother (Stepbrother 1) wanted to cook ramen noodles, which I had never made before, and he wanted a pot. I went to find him one of our microwave pots from under the sink. I gave it to him and then had to go to the bathroom. This is what I heard through the bathroom door. Note: We were home alone.)

Stepbrother 1: What! Me! Stepbrother 2!

Stepbrother 2: What’s going on? *Pause* Where are the oven mitts!

Stepbrother 1: I don’t know! Me!

(After hearing the part about the oven mitts I hurried back to the kitchen to see the room filled with smoke, caused by my stepbrother putting the plastic pot on the stove. So I quickly out my shirt over my face and found the oven mit to remove the pot from the stove and turned off the oven. I still make fun of him about it sometimes. He wasn’t aloud in the kitchen for a week.)

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