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Unfiltered | March 31, 2017

(In my family, we love ice cream and even make our own for birthdays and holidays. It is the day of my sons 6th birthday party and I have just taken the ice cream out of the can, put it in containers, and am putting them in the freezer when I drop one container on the floor and it busts open.)

Me: “Noooooooooo!”

Husband: (running in from outside) “What? What happened? Are you okay?”

Me: (pointing, unable to speak)

Husband: “Are you serious?”

Me: “Grab another container! We can still save some!”

(He grabs another container and I manage to save what didn’t leak onto the floor.)

Husband: (walking back outside) “All that over some d*** ice cream.”

(Luckily we still had enough for the party, and some for later after everyone else went home!)