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Pittsburgh, PA | Unfiltered | March 28, 2017

Out shopping in a strip mall, we were sitting in the car killing time waiting for a store to open when this conversation between myself and my daughter happened.

Daughter: Hm. *looking at building for sale next to a strip mall* Wonder what used to be there …

Me: Probably a restaurant ….

Daughter: *takes a closer look at the building* Yep. Used to be a restaurant!

Me: Hm. Wonder how much they’re asking for it.


Me: Big enough to divvy in two places … and comes with a kitchen that could be made “community” so more room in each place as wouldn’t need separate kitchens …

Daughter: It’s surrounded by a parking lot …

Me; So? My front yard now is a parking lot so not like I am already used to that but this comes shrubs. And look!

Daughter: What?

Mother: It comes with handicapped parking! I know which end is mine!

Daughter: It’s probably zoned commercial.

Me: Which means “closer to shopping”, which *points to strip mall* it is … and look, there’s a Wendy right next door for nights no one feels like cooking.

Daughter: You seriously thinking about it?

Me: Well, it already has air conditioning, well lit to help deter crime and *all excited* OH, LOOKIE THERE! *wagging hand in a direction of the building*

Daughter: What now?

Me: It has a Drive Thru! See, when folks don’t want to come in to visit – they can just pull up in the drive thru and not get out of their car! *wistful look* I’ve never had a drive thru before …

Daughter: You are not buying a restaurant just to turn it into a residence.

Me: You are no fun and lack imagination. Tell me with a straight face you don’t think having a drive thru would be something cool to have?

Daughter: I don’t want a drive thru.

Me: Who says you would? It would be on my end, due to the handicapped parking – but *batting eyelashes* I might be willing to share ….

Daughter: *sigh* How do you think up this shit?

Me: *shrugs shoulders*

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