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Singapore | Unfiltered | March 17, 2017

(My mum is terrified of snakes. Earlier in the day, she sent me a video of a man sticking his leg down a snake hole as bait and letting the snake swallow his leg. His friends then pull him up when he feels that the snake has attached itself securely to his leg. This snake is a giant. This conversation happens when I reach home.)

Mum: “Did you see the video I sent you?”

Me: “Yes, why did you? I thought you’re terrified of snakes?”

Mum: “I am! But a friend sent it to me so I sent it to everyone else to terrify them. And laughed about it afterwards.”

Me: “Ma, do you realise that you’re the only one who is terrified of snakes? To everyone else, it’s just a horrifying video because of what that poor guy went through just to get a snake to sell.”

Mum: [Crestfallen] “Oh.”

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