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(We’re staying at our aunt’s home for a few days. Our aunt is a very sweet, conservative christian lady who insists on etiquette and good manners. This is the first time she’s seen my sister and I interact for more than a few hours’ visit on our best behavior. Note, we’re both in our 20s. I’m microwaving some chicken nuggets while goofing around with my sister. Our aunt has her back turned to us pouring herself some juice.)
Me: *pulls the chicken nuggets out of the microwave and hands one to my sister* Here, put this in your face.
Sister: *takes the nugget and throws it in her mouth*
Aunt: *flips around prepared to scold us for fighting and stares at me like I grew two heads once she realizes* Oh my lord, what a way to share your food! I thought you were trying to choke her with it, or something!
(My sister and I are in tears laughing as our aunt staggers her way out of the kitchen, bewildered and slightly disturbed.)

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