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Kristiansand, Norway | Unfiltered | March 11, 2017

(My parents and I just got back from a nearby event in celebration of our national say. We’re discussing how we meet fewer and fewer friends and acquaintances as my brothers and I are all grown up. At the event I talked with a couple of friends. Friend #1’s twin sister happens to be my best friend. She showed me a recent tattoo she got. My dad tends to identify my friends by their last names, because he’s lived in the same town his whole life, as a majority here have.)

Mum: “Who where you talking to before the speech?”

Me: “It was [friend #1] and [friend #2].”

Mum: “Oh, do I know who they are?”

Dad: “The girl with the tattoo, that was a twin.”

Mum: “*After a few seconds* [Best friend]’s?”

Dad: “They don’t look alike anymore, but it’s still obvious she’s a [last name].”

Me: Mum, you’ve known her since she was two.

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