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(I’m at my grandparent’s house with various family members, because it’s my sister’s birthday, but she has been allowing only the bare minimum of celebration. My grandpa and I are talking about my job at a veterinary hospital. Note: I’m female.)

Grandpa: So, do they make you deal with blood, or is that more something the doctors would deal with?

Me: Well…

Sister: Can we not?

Me: Like, I’ll be holding a dog’s leg so the vein shows, and hold it still for blood tests, and then have to hold my finger on it until it-

Sister: CAN WE NOT!

Grandpa: I didn’t think you did so well with blood. I remember you used to-


Me: Yeah, but then I hit puberty, and…

Grandpa: *takes a second to figure it out, then busts out laughing* Oh, all right.

Sister: I hate you guys.

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